Full Hallway and Kitchen Rewire Tynemouth

North East Electricals – Tynemouth Rewire

A customer in Tynemouth called us today about our electrical services in Newcastle because she’d bought a new property but the electrics were very out of date and spoiled the look of her home.

She had old fashioned night storage heaters, and her mainsboard had three ugly boxes which were very large and unsightly in her hallway. She also had a dark looking hallway and old electrics in the kitchen.

We suggested replacing the old night storage heaters with modern and sleek looking electric panel heaters. They looked great and didn’t take up a lot of space.

We then cut out a hole in her wall and sunk the new mainsboard in to give her a recessed mainsboard which appears to ‘lie flat’ against the wall and is much easier on the eye.

We installed spotlights along her hallway and in the kitchen which made her new home much brighter and more modern looking. She’s extremely pleased with the result.

If you are from Newcastle and nearby areas in North East and is looking for local electricians, we, here at North East Electricals can help. Call us at 0191 731 6767.

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